HUGH PEARSON | producer/director

Producer. The Hunt. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

BBC1/BBC Worldwide. 2015

Hunger at Sea.  The open ocean is an immense wilderness that covers more than half the surface of our planet, yet for the most part it’s a watery desert, largely devoid of life. Predators face an endless search to find and catch food, yet these vast tracts of ocean are home to some of the planets most remarkable hunters, including the greatest of them all – the blue whale. We follow sharks, sea lions, frigate birds, dolphins and albatross to reveal the strategies they use to hunt in the big blue.

Race Against Time.  The coast is the dynamic border between land and sea; powered by the tides and thrashed by waves, this is a world of continuous change. Opportunities never last long here, so hunters are always in a race against time. The coast is the only place on the planet where predators from air, land and sea come together. Dolphins that leave the safety of the sea to fish, walking octopuses, ingenious monkeys, fishing wolves and the greatest gathering of feeding humpback whales come to the coast to hunt. For all, timing is everything.

Producer. Africa. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

BBC1/Discovery. 2013

Kalahari. This hugely successful series about the worlds wildest continent begins in Africa’s ancient south west corner where two extraordinary deserts sit side by side. Water is in short supply, yet these deserts are somehow full of life. In the Kalahari scrublands, clever meerkats are outsmarted by a wily bird, solitary and belligerent black rhinos get together to party and giant insects stalk huge flocks of birds. Rain almost never falls in the Namib – instead it must make do with vaporous, vanishing fog. The creatures in this, the world’s oldest desert, have gone to the extremes, as spiders wheel to escape and a desert giraffe fights to defend his scant resources in the greatest giraffe battle ever filmed.

Cape. Southern Africa is a riot of life and colour because of two great ocean currents that sweep around the continent’s cape. To the east, baby turtles endure a dramatic dash for life as they head for the warm Agulhas current and to the west is the cold Benguela current, home to more great white sharks than anywhere else. Where the two currents meet, the clash of warm and cold water creates one of the world’s most fabulous natural spectacles – South Africa’s sardine run. This is the greatest gathering of predators on the planet, including Africa’s largest, the Bryde’s whale.

Producer. Nature’s Great Events. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

BBC1/Discovery 2009

The Great Tide. The highly acclaimed and multi-award winning film about the greatest spectacle in the world’s oceans: South Africa’s sardine run.

The Great Feast. Award-winning film about the seasonal feast around coast of Alaska that draws in humpback whales, sea lions and killer whales.

Series Producer Bill Oddie’s How to Watch Wildlife Series 2

BBC2 2005-2006

Series Producer and producer of three episodes in this eight part series where Bill Oddie gives his tips for watching wildlife around Britain.

Director Coast

BBC2 2005

I produced and directed the wildlife sequences featuring presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff for this BAFTA award-winning first series.

Producer/Director Wild strand

BBC2 2003-2006

Search for Ireland’s Giant Turtles. A Wild Cornish Summer, Bill Oddie in Tiger Country, Bill Oddie Goes Wild in Cape Town.

Live Producer Britain Goes Wild

BBC2 2003

Live content Producer for the series that gave rise to the hugely successful Springwatch.

Producer Wild Down Under

BBC2/Discovery 2003

Southern Seas. Exploring the strange and unique marine life in the seas around Australia and New Zealand.

Director/Assistant Producer The Blue Planet

BBC2/Discovery 2001

I worked on four episodes of this multi award winning, ground-breaking series about life in the world’s oceans.

Director Big Cat Diary

BBC1/Animal Planet 2000

I directed Simon King as he followed the cheetah family in the third series of this much-loved animal soap opera.

Producer Wildlife on One: Pussies Galore

BBC1/Animal Planet 2000

A film following the trials and tribulations of a family of feral cats living amongst the ancient ruins in the centre of Rome. Merit Award for Storytelling at Wildscreen 2002.