HUGH PEARSON | producer/director

Hugh’s talks give a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight to reveal the incredible work that goes into producing blockbuster wildlife series. He illustrates his talks with a range of stunning clips and still photographs, and draws on anecdotes from the field, sharing his experience of getting close to the planets most iconic animals. Hugh reveals the process of producing a wildlife film, from the initial planning and scripting, to the stress, danger – and inevitable failure – of filming on location and on to how the film finally comes together through editing and writing the commentary for Sir David Attenborough.

Hugh has travelled extensively, filmed on nearly every continent and dived in pretty much every ocean. He is fortunate to work with the world’s very best camera crews and describes what it takes to get a large crew to remote locations, how to keep the team motivated and focused, often for weeks on end, and how to keep a complex logistical team going in the face of overwhelming adversity. Hugh explains how persistence, creativity and adapting the latest technology can help to capture extraordinary animal behaviour.

Hugh is an experienced and entertaining talker and has lectured around the world from the UK, to Bermuda and Hawaii; his talks are always highly polished and tailored to the individual audience. Hugh can deliver after diner talks, keynote speeches, motivational and leadership talks to businesses and presentations to schools and universities, from intimate talks to small groups right up to audiences of a thousand people.

As he shares his life behind the camera Hugh entertains and engages his audience and shares his deep passion for wildlife and the natural world.


Peter Smithers

Plymouth University, UK.

“Many thanks for the excellent talk last night; I have had a flood of enthusiastic comments from our students.”


Martin Morris,

QEH School, Bristol, UK.

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful talk you gave us at QEH Junior School earlier in the week. I have had chance to speak with lots of boys who thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.”