HUGH PEARSON | producer/director

Hugh produces world class films about the natural world and specialises in filming underwater; he has over two decades experience of working on and under the sea and has been fortunate to film and swim with some of the oceans most charismatic animals, including a recent highlight of swimming with blue whales. For 18 years Hugh worked at the renowned BBC Natural History Unit on BAFTA and Emmy award winning programmes such as Africa, The Blue Planet, Big Cat Diary, Coast and Nature’s Great Events.

Hugh now works at Silverback Films in Bristol ( and has just produced two episodes on The Hunt, an ambitious new project for the BBC. This landmark series explores the dramatic relationship between predators and prey and is currently being broadcast on BBC 1 in the UK and around the world from November 2015.

Hugh is currently working on Our Planet, a landmark eight-part series for Netflix, the world’s leading Internet TV network. Our Planet is a collaboration with WWF, the world’s leading conservation organisation, and will premiere across all Netflix territories in 2019. Hugh is producing two episodes: Shallow Seas and Open Ocean.

This ambitious four year project – the largest of its kind ever attempted – will take viewers into never-before-filmed wilderness areas from the ice caps and deep ocean to deserts and remote forests, introducing them to the most precious species and places that must withstand the impact of humanity so generations to come can enjoy the bounties of the natural world. Using the latest in 4K camera technology the series will bring millions of people into intimate contact with some of the world’s rarest animals and most precious natural habitats.